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Normal People took many people by surprise when it debuted earlier in the year, quickly establishing itself as a serious candidate for TV show of the year. The seamless transition of Sally Rooney's 2018 must-read novel to a critically-acclaimed 12-part series produced by Hulu and BBC Three has been something to behold – especially for the pessimists out there. But then with influential Irish indie director Lenny Abrahamson (Garage, Frank) at the helm, what else would you expect? Don't miss another moment of the drama – or catch up today if you haven't yet seen it. Here's how to watch Normal People online and stream every episode right now.

The show follows the rollercoaster relationship of Irish teenagers Connell (Paul Mescal) and Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones). They attend the same secondary school – or high school – in County Sligo, and later spend their university years together at Trinity College Dublin.

But while they're instinctively drawn to one and other, it's far from just craic between them. Marianne comes from a wealthy family who Connell's mother cleans for – and the two also blossom socially at different times. Connell is a big shot Gaelic football star at high school but becomes a fish out of water at university. Marianne, on the other hand, finds her feet at precisely the same time.

We won't give too much away, but it's safe to say that first the book and now the TV show put the insecurities of young people under the microscope in an illuminating way, sparking conversations about a number of important issues including depression, suicide and abuse – please bear this in mind before watching.

An instant entry into the best Hulu shows this May, read on as we explain all the easiest ways to watch Normal People online for free – stream the show in Ireland, the UK, US, Australia and many more countries by following the simple steps outlined below in our guide.

How to watch Normal People online from abroad

The coronavirus has stalled holidays and postponed work trips indefinitely, but international travel will resume one day – and you may even be stuck outside your country of origin, for whatever reason. If and when that's the case, you could be forgiven for wanting a taste of home comforts, especially during these difficult times.

If that means using the streaming services you normally would, geo-blocking can prove to be a major obstacle – but fortunately there's an easy solution. It's called a VPN and it's a handy trick that lets you get around digital borders and will allow you to watch Normal People by changing your IP address to your nation of residence. But which VPN is best for you?

How to watch Normal People online

How to watch Normal People online in the US for free

how to watch Normal People online

How to watch Normal People for free online in the UK

How to watch Normal People in Ireland

watch Normal People online

How to watch Normal People online in Australia

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