With the world practically in lockdown, many of us have found ourselves working and learning from home on possibly unsecure networks. Cybercriminals and scammers are taking advantage of this situation and targeting devices left vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The easiest way to protect yourself online while at home would be to download a strong antivirus solution, like Norton’s AntiVirus Plus or the company’s 360 range of solutions.

However, a Norton subscription isn’t always cheap, and you could find yourself out of pocket each year by a couple of hundred dollars, depending on which product you opt for. You’re in luck, though, as Norton has just kicked off its Easter sale in Australia and New Zealand, with up to 60% off its entire 2020 antivirus solution line-up.

In Australia, the basic solution – Norton AntiVirus Plus – is now available with a very significant 57% discount, while if you happen to be in New Zealand, you’ll be able to save a whopping 60%. These offers are available only for a limited time, so protect your devices for less by getting an antivirus package by April 17.

Why choose Norton

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Norton’s antivirus solutions to you: the company has a long and clean history of protecting users online. Even it’s basic solution, the AntiVirus Plus, is more than enough for most users, ranking very high in our picks of the best antivirus packages available today.

That said, Norton is definitely one of the more expensive options out there, but these deep discounts make sure you’re getting the best value for your money.

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