This potential Samsung Galaxy Note 20 patent hints at a projector and ‘waterfall’ screen


The Galaxy S20 has only recently been announced, but with all of Samsung's S series secrets now revealed, it's time to think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 – which could get a display that wraps around the edge so far that it spills over physical buttons, according to a recently-granted patent.

The 'waterfall' display appears as if it'll go beyond what we've seen on prior Samsung Note phones, which sport an Infinity Edge screen, by bending more than 90 degrees around the edge of the smartphone, PatentlyMobile reports.

Normally, that would leave no room for the typical power button, volume rocker or that like-it-or-not Bixby button. However, as the new patent demonstrates, these buttons would protrude through the display – if the patent ever gets used.

Image from Samsung patent with buttons through the display glass

This design doesn't seem totally implausible given Samsung's practice of poking selfie cameras through front displays in punch-hole notches. The difference is that the cameras aren't also breaching the glass covering.

Buttons extending through the glass edge as well as display would be a little bit more elaborate, but this could be just what Samsung wants: a way for the Galaxy Note 20 to set itself apart from the ever-growing Galaxy S line.

This year's Galaxy S20 series is getting so big it continues to call into question the need for the existence of the Galaxy Note. Aside from the S-Pen stylus, the Note has less to differentiate itself. As it stands, the 6.9-inch Galaxy S20 Ultra display is bigger than the 6.8-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus display.

The Note 20 with a built-in projector makes sense

Fancy buttons alone don't seem compelling enough to sell the Galaxy Note 20. Good news: the patent does mention some other bright ideas.

Among the fresh idea are a grip sensor that would like be akin to that in the Pixel 4 and others. There's also mention of a hologram device and projector. As much a holograms would be a killer app, we're going to go ahead and doubt that's coming soon to phones anywhere. A projector may be more reasonable.

Portable projectors have plenty of value in work settings, and the Galaxy Note family has a more professional vibe than its siblings. And, it wouldn't be the first time we've seen a smartphone with a projector built-in. Giving a presentation on the projector built into the Note 20 could make sense especially since the S-Pen could easily work as a clicker to change slider.

The through-screen buttons feel like the tamer and more likely move from Samsung, so we're going to keep grains of salt on that projector and a pile of salt on the holograms.

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This potential Samsung Galaxy Note 20 patent hints at a projector and ‘waterfall’ screen