Now that we're coming to the end of a generation, it's a pretty good time to get a great price on the superior PS4 Pro. This console lets you play games in 4K, and even if you just play games in 1080p, it lets you activate higher framerate modes in games like Jedi: Fallen Order and God of War for an experience that's closer to playing a PC game.

Right now on eBay, you can get the PS4 Pro and the excellent Spider-Man for $279.99. That's a fantastic deal for the perfect beginner's bundle on PS4. Spider-Man is the kind of cinematic, easy-to-play open world experience that could be the first game someone plays and loves. Here's the deal:

Check out our PS4 Pro deals page for more great prices in the days leading up to the holidays. We might see more price drops on the console before the end of the year, but since this deal has sold over 3000 units at the time of writing, it likely means the pricing here is resonating strongly.

It's worth saying that this particular PS4 comes with Spider-Man's GOTY edition, which includes all the extra downloadable content. In other words, you're getting the complete version of the game, as well as a nice new console to enjoy it on.

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