Spotify can now create the perfect playlist for your road trip


No road trip is complete without a perfectly picked medley of tunes to accompany your driving, and Spotify is now rolling out a feature that will generate a road trip playlist automatically for you.

It's called Soundtrack your Ride, and you need to head to a web browser to get the playlist generated to begin with – you can get at it here.

Once you've logged in with your Spotify account, you can specify the start and end points of your journey, or set the length of the trip manually, so Spotify knows how many tracks it has to pick.

You then have to answer several questions about the road trip: who you're traveling with, what kind of music you want to hear, the sort of tempo you're looking for, and so on. At the end, your playlist is generated.

Press play

With a click you can listen to the playlist in the Spotify desktop client, and of course open it up on your phone as well. If you're a premium subscriber you might want to save it for offline playback ready for the long journey ahead.

The new playlist generator might not revolutionize your life but it's another convenient feature to make use of, and a way of leveraging all that listening history that Spotify has access to in your account.

Playlists have always been a focus for Spotify: you can get playlists based on your ancestry, for example, as well as playlists that refresh each day (complete with news and podcasts) ready for your morning drive to work.

It's one way of getting users to pick Spotify over Apple Music and the other streaming services out there – though of course you're still free to curate your own road trip playlist in the traditional way.

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Spotify can now create the perfect playlist for your road trip