With broadband deals usually being split into two categories – fibre and ADSL – there is one area that tends to be easily forgotten, faster fibre broadband packages.

You might now be thinking, isn't that just fibre? Well, technically not. Many providers offer a boosted version of fibre broadband deals, often with names such as 'fibre max', 'fibre boost' or 'super boosted maxed fibre'…Okay that last one isn't real but it's not far off.

But names aside, these packages are a great way to increase your speeds without having to pay a whole lot more. In fact, a number of providers offer these packages at prices pretty similar to regular fibre deals.

With a whole host of excellent faster fibre broadband deals currently available, now is a brilliant time to grab one. We've listed all of the standout options below, ranging from the names you know such as Plusnet broadband deals through to the names that may not be so familiar like Hyperoptic.

1. The UK's cheapest faster fibre broadband deal

2. Fibre speeds with freebies from BT

3. Superfast speeds with Virgin broadband

4. A fibre bargain for a select few

5. Faster speeds with broadband and TV deals

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